Returns need an
environmental interventionšŸŒŽ

On its current trajectory, by 2025, the emissions associated with returns could surpass Polandā€™s annual CO2e emissions. Recent figures reveal that 40% of online purchases result in a return to many large e-commerce stores, and 50% of those returned items going straight to landfill.

The environmental status-quo for returns is in need of a radical intervention.

At Ante our mission is to create a returns economy which significantly improves the returns experience for its most important stakeholders: the shopper, the merchant, and the planet.

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Introducing 100%
Carbon Neutral Returns

Partner with Ante, the leading sustainability returns application.

Dynamically offset carrier emissions

Automatically offset 100%Ā of your reverse logistics emissions when your customers place a return.

Paperless returns powered by QR codes

We only supports 100%Ā digital returns. This saves paper, reduces waste and provides a better customer experience.

Integrate with the circular economy

Enables your customers to list items outside your returns window on second hand clothing websites with profits going to charity.

Returns revitalised report 2022

A path to 100% carbon neutral returns.

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